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Clifford’s Really Big Movie Sees Wider Territory

Warner Bros. and Scholastic are taking their animated CLIFFORDS REALLY BIG MOVIE on a bigger walk to more theaters on April 23, 3004, rolling out the theatrical to 471 houses across the U.S., following the test openings in several markets in February 2004.

Directed by Robert C. Ramirez (JOSEPH, KING OF DREAMS, DUMBO II, BRAVE LITTLE TOASTER TO THE RESCUE), who shares writing credit with Rhett Reese (Monsters Inc., Tarzan, Dinosaur), CLIFFORDS REALLY BIG MOVIE features the big red dog running away when he mistakenly believes he has become a burden to his family to join a carnival to win a lifetime supply of Tummy Yummies. The movie is a Scholastic Ent. Film in association with Big Red Productions Inc. and animation provided by Mike Young Prods.

The cast includes the late John Ritter as Clifford. He is joined by actors Wayne Brady. Grey Delisle, Jenna Elfman, John Goodman, Jess Harnell, Kel Mitchell. Judge Reinhold, Kath Soucie, Cree Summer, Wilmer Valderrama, Gregg Berger, Susan Blu, Alex Nevil and Toby Stone.

Cliffords world underwent a makeover for its transition to the big screen. The movie is a combination of traditional 2D and CGI animation to give real texture to elements such as water and vehicles such as Cliffords trailer. Multi-planing a technique which involves multiple background layers with camera moves layered in and which is done in USAnimation was frequently employed to convey expansive horizons and give a sense of space and real scale of the world that showcases Cliffords size.

For the soundtrack. Jody Gray (COURAGE THE COWARDLY THE DOG, STELLALUNA) joined the effort to give Clifford a big sound. The movie features an original orchestral score, as well as six original songs, including Until I Go, which is Cliffords sweet good-bye song and You and Me, the bouncy open and closing tune which celebrates his extraordinary relationship with Emily Elizabeth. Mitchell penned and produced the original song, Home Where I Belong expressly for the movie.

Music was recorded at Millbrook Sound Studios, Gray Noise Music/The Treehouse, Sean Swinney Recording and East Wing, then mixed at Sound on Sound.

Deborah Forte produced the film with co-producers Jef Kaminsky and Martha Atwater. Liz Young was supervising producer with Chris Henderson as line producer. Bill Schultz and Mike Young served as consulting producers.

Michael Humphries was art director and Susan Blu voice directed. Character designer was Phil Mendez. Overseas animation was done by Starburst Animation Co. Ltd. with animation director Murray Debus in Korea. Second unit services were provided by Mad Cow Pictures.

Recording was done at Screenmusic Studios and post-production sound services were done by Advantage Audio. Monte Bramer edited the picture.

Now seen in more than 60 countries, CLIFFORD THE BIG RED DOGMADE its TV debut on PBS KIDS in the fall of 2000 and quickly became a huge hit. Based on the best-selling books by Norman Bridwell, written originally 40 years ago, CLIFFORD has become a kids icon and a premier global franchise.

Created and executive produced by Forte, the animated series of 65 episodes airs four days a week, two and three times per day and reaches 98% of U.S. households, helping make Clifford top dog with his audience.