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Click 3xi Designs Interactive Games For Hallmark’s Crayola Kids Club

Click 3xi, the interactive design division of New York-based Click 3x, recently designed a series of interactive television games that teach young children about science. Developed for the Crayola Kids Club, an interactive television service from the Hallmark Channel and Crown Interactive, Click 3xi designed the interface and provided scores of computer-animated elements illustrating the outcomes of all the potential choices that can be made during game play. The studio worked hand in hand with the Hallmark Interactive staff, who designed the game architecture and handled the programming. The 17 interactive games and activities, whose subjects range from the principles of flight to the behavior of various species of fish, feature interactive components that provide kids with a chance to test their knowledge and participate in craft activities related to what theyve learned. For example, one game teaches kids about the various species of fish and shows them how to construct a marine diorama out of a shoebox. Kids who lack the materials to construct the diorama at home can take part by building an interactive aquarium on their television screens. "Kids are prompted to go to an area of the service by pressing a button on the remote control, then they are guided through the construction of a virtual aquarium," said Hallmark Interactive senior vice president of production Jeffrey Simmons. "They can choose from various backgrounds, fish species and decorations, and once they have assembled all of the elements, the aquarium plays for as long as they leave the TV on." For the virtual aquarium, Click 3xi artists created renderings of various species of fish using a variety of techniques including live-action, CG and stop-motion animation. The interactive television service is currently being test-marketed in Asia. Credits for Click 3xi go to Christine Lin Barraud, creative director; Franco Fiore, designer/director; Kristen Pedersen, CG animator; Jason Mayo, executive producer (Click 3x); David Besson, executive producer (Click 3xi); and Todd McCammon, producer.