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Click 3X Enlightens New Sony Logo

New York's Click 3x has conceived and produced a new global branding logo for Sony Pictures Entertainment (SPE). The new Sony Pictures logo is based on the companys existing print logo featuring a series of parallel bars set at staggered heights above the corporate name. In the new version, the bars animate in 3D space, twisting in the frame like the cylinder of a zoetrope, with lighting being a key element in the design. The logo is lit from below and the light effects play across the face of the bars as they assume their resting point. "The under lighting gives the design a pearl-like quality, as if the logo were enveloped in a shell that unwraps and reveals it," said creative director/designer Susan Armstrong. The lighting that appears on the logo face was inspired by the Aurora Borealis, explained Armstrong. "We looked at stills of the Aurora and sought to achieve a similar shimmering quality with blue and green-gold light. That set us in the direction of making the whole thing glass-like, not fully transparent, but jewel like." The new logo is currently being used by the companys domestic and international television divisions to support their recent name change from Columbia TriStar Television to Sony Pictures Television. The new logo will also be adopted by SPEs film division in the near future. Credits for Click 3x go to Iain Greenway, creative director; Jason Mayo, executive producer; Susan Armstrong, creative director/designer/Inferno artist; Anthony Filipakis, 3D animator; Alicia Powers, producer.