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Click 3x Creates One-Of-A-Kind Open For One Show

New Yorks Click 3x recently designed and produced a 2-minute video opening for One Show Interactive, a leading awards competition for interactive media design. The video, which kicked off the awards ceremony held recently in New York, features a journey inside the events prized Gold Pencil Award to reveal the creativity within. Conceived by Click 3x creative directors Christine Lin, Eve Lim and Michael Wiehart, the piece opens with a field of animated graphics representing software code and a gold-toned loading bar. When the load sequence completes, a photo-real representation of the Gold Pencil appears hovering in space. Moving in on the pencils point, the camera enters the award and begins hurtling through a long curving corridor onto whose walls are projected more animated code. As the journey continues, live-action images of designers working at translucent workstations fly by, as well as images from some of the more than 2300 banner ads, Websites, CD-ROMs and kiosks entered in the competition. Among them is a Budweiser Website, featuring the omnipresent WHASSUP? guys that took home the grand prize. Click 3x created the video entirely in-house. The project included conceptualizing and designing, creating the voluminous motion graphics featured in the piece and producing numerous 3D elements. The latter included the photo-real rendering of the Gold Pencil and the image of a designer ensconced in a wheel-like design workstation of the future. The studio also provided compositing and final editing services. The music was provided by One Club.

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