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Click 3x Creates Graphical World For AT&T

Click 3x, New York has designed and produced two new graphics only television spots for AT&T and Young & Rubicam. One spot, cut to the Roy Orbison classic You Got It, features lines of type traveling in graceful arcs across the frame. As the camera pulls back it becomes apparent that the viewer's perspective is from the inside of a transparent sphere and that the type is moving along its surface. Periodically, lines come into focus and announce AT&T long distance options. Ultimately the camera pulls out of the sphere to reveal it as part of the AT&T logo. We sought to create a design that would not merely communicate the message, it would also embody it," explained creative director Michael Wiehart. "That is how we arrived at the idea of having the type form the logo. In addition, the type animates to the rhythm of the song, which helps to tie all of the elements together. For us it made a design that communicates well and is artistically satisfying." In the second spot, Hotties, the audio track consists of two teenage girls engaged in a phone conversation about a "hot" guy. Again Wiehart's design employs animated type occasionally coming together to form phrases with a final pullback revealing the spinning type forming into the globe logo. From concept through delivery, Wiehart and his team of animators, editors and compositors had just a week to complete the two spots. "It was a short turnaround, but we still wanted to see how far we could push the envelope," Wiehart concluded. "And we are very pleased with what we achieved. We feel we came up with a unique language to support the story."