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Classic Atari Games To Be Licensed Throughout The U.K.

Based on a strategy to extend the brand internationally, Atari has appointed U.K. licensing agent Rocket Licensing as licensor in the U.K. both of its classic trademark and of one of its best-known games brands -- ALONE IN THE DARK.

The Atari Mount Fuji trademark, first unveiled in 1972, is one of the most recognizable trademarks in the world, Atari intends to appointed representatives worldwide to license both the trademark and the images and icons associated with the pioneering Atari games that began the video gaming revolution - names like ASTEROIDS, BREAKOUT, MISSILE COMMAND and, of course, PONG.

Rocket Licensing will be representing the pivotal U.K. market, targeting the lifestyle sector and such product areas as apparel, homeware, and accessories. The main target market for this classic line is expected to be adults through fashion and lifestyle outlets. Rocket is already in conversation with a number of companies interested in the Atari license for apparel.

Atari has also appointed Rocket Licensing as U.K. licensor for the brand and images associated with ALONE IN THE DARK, the trailblazing game that created the survival horror genre in 1992, and which is now on its fifth release. Rocket plans to license a wide range of product including apparel, figurines, art books, music and accessories.

The core target market for the ALONE IN THE DARK range is expected to be gamers from teenage upwards through distribution channels that tie into the gaming fraternity such as record retail and games outlets.

Charlotte Hargreaves SVP, Brand and Licensing, of Atari, said, "The Atari trademark is not only one of the most recognizable trademarks in world, it represents for many people a part of their own history. ALONE IN THE DARK is seen as one of the classic gamers' games. These two brands and their associations have a potent place in the imagination of both gamers and the public in general, one that makes them ideal for licensing across a wide range of products. We are delighted that Rocket, a dynamic, innovative agency, is to represent both names in the U.K."

Rob Wijeratna, Joint Managing Director of Rocket Licensing, said, "The Atari logo has had enormous resonance from the era of the first video games right up to the present day and, through games like ALONE IN THE DARK, Atari is still at the forefront of gaming innovation. Put simply Atari has huge brand heritage. That's why we are thrilled to have the opportunity to license both this classic trademark and this trailblazing games brand."