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Cinanima Announces More Prizes And Workshops

Seven films in Cinanima's international competition program are also in competition for the FNAC Prize for Best Portuguese Script and the Cartoon Portugal Prize for Best Portuguese Film. The films are: "Clandestino" by Abi Feijó, "Cof-Cof" by José Pedro Cavalheiro, "Fragmentos de Sal" by Cristina Teixeira, "Avanca 2000" by Vítor Lopes, "Miragem" by Ana Carina Dias and "Inverno" and "Racismo," which were created by collectives. All the films in the International Competition are eligible for the Prize for the Best Original Soundtrack. This year, the festival will feature a workshop led by expert British modelmakers, Mackinnon & Saunders, November 7-8, 2000; and an animation workshop for children, October 23-November 5, 2000, where children will produce an experimental animation film to be shown at the awards ceremony. The 24th edition of Cinanima will happen November 6-12, 2000 in Espinho, Portugal. For more information about this year's official competition program, visit