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'Chuck Chicken' Heads to India

Animated series Chuck Chicken, a co-production between Neptuno Films, Animasia and Agogo, has been acquired for the Indian sub-continent by Nickelodeon India.

Press Release from Neptuno Films:

Barcelona, Spain – Animated series Chuck Chicken, a co-production between Neptuno Films, Animasia and Agogo, has been acquired for the Indian sub-continent by Nickelodeon India in a pre-buy agreement signed this month. The action/comedy animated series, which was premiered at MIPCOM 2011, is aimed at 6-12 year-olds.

“We had a great reaction to the presentation of Chuck Chicken at MIPCOM last October, and the deal with Nickelodeon further confirms that Chuck Chicken is a very strong property,” Cristina Brandner, Managing Director, Neptuno Films, said. “We are extremely proud to be working with Animasia and Agogo, and delighted to once again to have a series showing on Nickelodeon India after the earlier success of Dougie in Disguise.”

Animasia Managing Director Edmund Chan commented: “Chuck Chicken combines action with lots of comic moments, and we are all very proud both of what we have achieved together, and the fact that our hard work and faith in the project have been validated by this agreement with Nickelodeon India,” Chan said.

The Series:

Chuck runs a detective agency on Rocky Perch Island with his two friends Flick, a highly-intelligent Kung Fu champion who fights like a lion, even though she’s a dove, and Wing, a crackpot inventor who builds gadgets that are as original as they are dangerous. Rocky Perch is inhabited by birds, mainly good ones, but some bad birds as well, and a few of them are really super-extra bad, only caring about robbing, stealing and causing mayhem amongst the bird community.

But now there’s someone who’ll stand up to them, foil their sinister plans and strike fear into their hearts… and his name is Chuck Chicken! Chuck used to be an accident-prone scatterbrain, but fate led him to a magic golden egg. Now he’s an accident-prone scatterbrain with super-powers! His egg gives him the powers of different animals - the strength of a rhino, the stretchiness of a snake or the speed of a cheetah. Chuck uses his powers to fight the criminal mastermind Dr. Mingo, and his penguin henchmen, or to defeat the Sinister Emperor, master of the dark arts… but one thing’s for sure: Chuck Chicken will always win the day!

Neptuno Films was established in 1991 in Terrassa (Barcelona) and soon became a driving force in the world animation production landscape. In the past few years, Neptuno has gone through a steady growth with the build up of a library of universal animated characters with worldwide appeal, especially such animated brands as Connie the Cow or Dougie in Disguise. The company currently constitutes one of the largest fully-fledged studios in Europe with a distribution arm which manages the tv, video and merchandising rights portfolio.

Running since 2005, Animasia Studio Sdn. Bhd. is a one-stop answer to the production of digital contents that offer out-of-the-world creative animation through an on-going idea of oozing colour, fun, adventure and turning still life into motion. A MSC Malaysia Status Company with more than 10 years of experience in animation, they have busted their way through multimedia, animation and various artworks into taking clients to a height of winning numerous awards in Bangkok, Singapore and ofcourse, their home ground Malaysia. In the capacity of character design, concept artwork and storyboarding, Animasia Studio has excelled many Government Ministries and creative companies based locally and abroad. Some of the notable projects produced by Animasia include Bola Kampung, Supa Strikas, Balla Bowl, ABC Monsters.

Established in 1998, Agogo International Ltd. (AIL)  takes up the sales and marketing activities of program distribution, with the aim to provide enriching sources of animation programs for television broadcasting platforms and video market in China. Over they years, the have earned the reputation in offering animation programs with consistent high level quality and entertaining contents that can be easily adapted for different countries