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Chow Might Depart Green Hornet Project Entirely

Stephen Chow told THE ASSOCIATED PRESS that, in addition to dropping out as director of THE GREEN HORNET, he will only play Kato if his schedule allows.

Last week, Chow's departure from the director's chair was announced, but at the time, it appeared as if he would continue on as the superhero's sidekick. Columbia Pictures did not respond to the AP's email request for comment.

Chow said over the weekend that he wants to work with Jack Black on a superhero comedy. "If I direct THE GREEN HORNET, the superhero comedy will have to be delayed for two years," Chow said. "The timing might not be right for a superhero comedy in two years. And I want to make a movie based on an original idea."

THE GREEN HORNET is set to debut on June 25, 2010 with Seth Rogen as the title character.

The film was written by Evan Goldberg and Rogen, who will star as the masked crime fighter who began life as a character on a radio show in the 1930s. A TV version in the '60s followed, but the inevitable big screen adaptation has taken awhile, with many incarnations.

Chow signed on in September to direct and play sidekick Kato, who was originated on TV by Bruce Lee. The finished script is also expected to be complete by the end of the year.