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Chocolate Liberation Front Takes First Bite

Press Release from Chocolate Liberation Front

Melbourne, June 10 -- Award-winning Australian and Canadian producers form cutting-edge independent production company, Chocolate Liberation Front, which will create and produce high-quality and innovative multiplatform projects for the international marketplace.

Located in Australia and Canada, Chocolate Liberation Front (CLF) is headed by former ABC TV Head of Multiplatform Dan Fill, award-winning Australian producer Frank Verheggen and CBC new media heavyweight Shawn Bailey, with strategic consulting from former Collideascope Digital President Steven Comeau.

Focusing on creative concepts that work across television, film, online, publishing and emerging platforms, the company offers a contemporary approach and understanding of the international market. With studios soon to open in both Melbourne and Toronto, the two offices are set to complement each other, attracting skills, financing and international expertise.

Developing a broad range of original and inspiring projects, CLF approaches every concept with a view to multi-device and multiplatform realisation and is focused on the following key areas:

-- Original entertainment property development for television, video games and online;-- Co-production and optioning of third-party projects for realisation on an international stage;-- Service production for high quality multiplatform projects;-- Strategic consulting for media companies looking to adapt a multiplatform approach.

Dan Fill explains: "We're really excited to launch a different kind of company. We bring a strong background in animation, video game development and multiplatform strategy to the development of television series and other linear programs. We are keen to work with like-minded talent to create innovative, original projects."

"These are exciting times. The industry is evolving, with multiplatform strategies becoming increasingly central to the conception of properties. We are really looking forward to playing a part in this." says Frank Verheggen.

Shawn Bailey adds: "Our strength lies in the sum of our parts. We're a new team that brings together years of broadcaster and independent production experience, which has allowed us to learn from, and form, cross-platform relationships and partnerships with the existing production communities at both a national and international level."

Hold on to your chocolate and watch out for exciting developments from the Chocolate Liberation Front.