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China’s First 3D Animated Feature Ready for the Big Screen

Marking the launch of China’s first 3D animated feature, popular animated series Boonie Bears is set to debut on the big screen in January.

One of China’s most popular animated series is set to debut on the big screen, according to a report by the China Toy & Juvenile Products Association.

Marking the launch of China’s first 3D animated feature, Boonie Bears will arrive in theaters during Mainland China’s Spring Festival held in January. The film, which is centered around the theme of treasure, was jointly produced by Fantawild Holdings, Mr. Cartoon Pictures, LEVP and the Zhujiang Film Group.

Produced by Fantawild Holdings, the Boonie Bears cartoon series was first shown in February 2012, and quickly became the most popular children’s show in China. Approximately 200 13-minute episodes have been produced to date. The main characters are two bears, Briar (Xiong Da) and Bramble (Xiong Er), and a logger named Vick (Guangtou Qiang), and episodes generally revolve around Vick’s attempts to log the timber where Briar and Bramble live, and the bears’ attempts to stop him.

The Boonie Bears feature will see how the relationship between Vick the logger and the bears changes as they team together in a quest to win back lost treasure.

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