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Chill With The Ice Age Website

If you haven't already, whet your appetite for Chris Wedge's feature film ICE AGE by visiting its "cool" Website at 20th Century Fox and Internet consulting and development firm Genex have partnered on the site, which gives users an introduction to and interaction with the key characters from the film. The ICE AGE site chronicles the adventures of Scrat, a sabertooth squirrel who needs the help of online players to locate acorns, his key to surviving the Ice Age. As players lead Scrat along the trail, collecting acorns from six different Ice Age environments, they play up to five different games, learn more about the film's characters and production and enter a multimedia gallery that features downloads, film clips, sweepstakes and more. ICE AGE debuts in theaters March 15, 2002.

John C. Donkin, Blue Sky's associate producer, reminisces on how the studio transformed itself from a small boutique into a major contender with the feature film release of ICE AGE.