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Chicken Run Opening On The Net

For people who want a sneak peek or for fans who want a free look, DreamWorks has placed the opening sequence from CHICKEN RUN on the Net. The clip is available at and will be available there starting Monday, July 10 and ending 6 pm PST Friday, July 14, 2000. The site will also have links to CHICKEN merchandise from and eBay. "We think showing Web audiences even the first few minutes of CHICKEN RUN will show people the magic that has captured the hearts and imaginations of moviegoers across the country. While it has become commonplace to release short clips and promotional trailers on the Internet, never has an entire opening sequence of a movie, much less a movie currently in theatres, been released to the Web," said DreamWorks distribution head Jim Tharp. CHICKEN RUN has already made US$50 million in the States and $7.5 million in its first five days in release in the U.K. The entertainment news site, was recently purchased as a subsidiary of DreamWorks, an upcoming Web destination site.

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