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Chicken Little Sees (Voice) Stars Falling from the Sky

Walt Disney has confirmed members of the voice cast of its next 3D feature, CHICKEN LITTLE. TV series SCRUBS star Zac Braff will voice the lead character, which changes the original gender of the chick from female to male. Oscar nominee Joan Cusack (IN & OUT) will voice the ugly duckling with Steve Zahn (HAPPY, TEXAS) as a fat pig named Runt, Amy Sedaris (ELF) as Foxy Loxy, Katie Finneran (YOUVE GOT MAIL) as Foxy's sidekick Goosey Lucy, Don Knotts (ANY GRIFFITH SHOW) as Turkey Mayor and Garry Marshall (ORANG COUNTY) as Father.

Directed by Mark Dindall (CATS DONT DANCE), the film follows the classic tale of the overreacting Chicken Little who sends his town into a panic after declaring, "the sky is falling down," which spurs the town to send him to a camp for children with special emotional needs.

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