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Cheetos Comes Alive At 2nz

Indian animation company 2nz recently created a "Jungle Safari" for Cheetos. Produced by Raj Kaushal of Fuel Productions through Hindustan Thomson Associates (the Indian affiliate of J. Walter Thomson worldwide), this 20-second live-action/animation spot opens on two kids sitting in the jungle enjoying a pack of Cheetos. They begin assembling 3D animals using the promotional "buildables" that are given free as part of Cheetos' latest promo offer. The plastic koala the boy is building comes to life via animation, and the kids are soon surrounded by the animals they have created. The spot relies heavily on compositing live characters and animated backgrounds and uses cel animation along with 3DS Max and Adobe After Effects. "To create the 'Jungle Safari' look in such a short time was a difficult task as it involved several layers of animals merged complexly to interact with live characters," said Kireet Khurana, creative director at 2nz. "Nevertheless, we're pretty happy with the final result, which pleased the client and the agency too." 2nz has experienced an upsurge in commercial work, recently completing a spot for Lowe titled "Tuzo Butter," which has been selected for screening at the Zagreb and Hiroshima festivals.