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For all those job-hunters in creative fields who need a strategic edge in the salary negotiation process -- or who simply could benefit from the motivation salary knowledge can provide, Industry Wages Inc. has delivered a new tool. The company has launched the website ( as a free way for these professionals and students to determine the latest information on salaries and hourly wages in their market. Currently provides pay information for individuals in the visual effects industry, particularly film and television visual effects, gaming, motion graphics, and animation.

"We've created a necessary tool for the pursuit of salary equality in this ever-changing job environment," says Aruna Inversin, president of Industry Wages Incorporated and founder of "In creating, we strive to give the community a streamlined way to identify an appropriate wage to expect or ask for in salary negotiations." is a global tool that will help job-seekers see how they rate among other artists with similar skills and experiences in a particular location. Using the special Wages system, users can graphically compare wages and salaries around the world by typing in a city, state or zip code. Registrants can also obtain information about employment based on job title, company, start date and length of time the position will last.

"We use the anonymity of the web with the power of a community to give you the information you need," Inversin said. "This tool allows you to compare yourself to others in your field around the world."

The database of wages is normalized to a 260-day year or 40-hour workweek, based on the pay options available for that job. uses this method because it is the most common way to aggregate wage information among the different methods that film and television studios use to pay their artists.

There are three different types of accounts for users. Professional and freelancer accounts feature jobs with salary or hourly paid wages for those particular individuals. Student accounts are perfect for those currently attending any post-secondary schools, or have recently graduated and are looking for work. Company accounts are for recruiters and managers or company owners that wish to take advantage of's special services to search for and recruit talent. is cross-browser and cross-platform compatible. Industry Wages Inc. strives to maintain and deliver a high-quality product; the company spent several months privately testing the site in beta to make sure the website would guarantee customer satisfaction. Clients can find out about recent upgrades and the latest happenings on the "Latest News" section of the website.