Chatsworth TV Sells The Ticket For Busy Buses On DVD

Chatsworth Television Distributors has signed a number of video deals for its pre-school animation series BUSY BUSES (39 x 5), which will see its animated characters go multi-lingual.

Video distributor UFG will release the first French version title of the series on video and DVD in fall 2003 in France with more titles to follow. In Korea, two video titles have been released in Korean, as well as an English-language version accompanied by a teaching aid to help children learn English in a fun and effective way. BUSY BUSES airs on EBS, Korea and Kids Station, Japan.

A video deal has also been agreed in Slovenia and TV rights have been sold to Croatia, Slovenia, Bosnia, Macedonia and Serbia. Good sales of two titles in 2002 in Australia have prompted a third video title to be released in July and a fourth at the end of 2003, with a DVD also being released in summer 2003.

A bumper edition of the first series, released by Metrodome Distribution, is available in the U.K. on video and DVD. The second series of BUSY BUSES began airing on Living TVs Tiny Living last month.

BUSY BUSES is a CGI/2D series featuring the fun packed activities of Sammy, the bright yellow school bus and his loyal friends Susan, Arnold, Roger and Colin the nicest, friendliest and most adventurous buses, produced by tv4c and animated by the hive. For more information on BUSY BUSES go to