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Charlie's Angels Game Available Online From Sony

Sony Pictures Digital Networks has made CHARLIE'S ANGELS: ANGEL X is available online via the film's official Website at, and through a series of premiere distribution partners. The game inspired by and promoting the motion picture CHARLIES ANGELS: FULL THROTTLE, which is set for release in theaters nationwide on June 27, 2003, gamers are charged with the mission of catching the Thin Man before his army of assassins destroys his secret lair. Players must overcome murderous thugs, junkyard dogs, shot-gun toting security guards and a plethora of other foes as they progress through various levels to become full-fledged "Angels."

"With this network strategy, were taking the next step in the commercial delivery of games over the Internet," said Tim Chambers, svp of Sony Pictures Digital Networks Advanced Platforms Group. "Through these games, we are looking to deepen the engagement and experience for our users while extending the studios brands both on and offline."

CHARLIE'S ANGELS: ANGEL X was developed by 7 Studios utilizing a game engine originally designed for console development, but has since been leveraged for network-delivered game play. Trymedia Systems is providing technology and services to deliver the game over the Net.

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