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Charlex's "Thank You" For The Nation Football League

CHARLEX, a visual effects post-production house, helped the National

Football League thank their fans with a 60-second spot aired during

American football's biggest game, the Super Bowl. Headed by Alex Weil,

Charlex founder and director, the Charlex artists used a mix of film,

digital effects, graphics and editing to create the look of the "Thank You

2000" spot. The commercial begins on a shadowy checkerboard. Suddenly light

floods into the room as a uniformed football player makes his way to an old

projector. George and Ira Gershwin's "Someone To Watch Over Me" plays over

the scratchy highlight footage of football fans filmed over the last

four-and-a-half decades. "We were trying to capture that special, nostalgic

magic that's been particular to pro football all these years," says Weil.

"We were after a sort of CINEMA PARADISO feel. Between all the great

football moments where the players are glorified, amidst all those scenes

that we've grown accustomed to, we wanted to show the fans."

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