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Charlex Inks Director/Creative Director Ryan Dunn

Multidisciplinary creative talent Ryan Dunn has joined the roster at New York-based creative design studio Charlex as a director/creative director.

Ryan Dunn

Press Release from Charlex

Multidisciplinary creative talent Ryan Dunn has joined the roster at New York-based creative design studio Charlex as a director/creative director. As a director with more than 10 years experience working on projects that involve motion-design, live-action and post elements, Dunn brings a detail-oriented sensibility to the company's diverse array of projects.

Dunn first collaborated with Charlex as a director in 2009 on a live-action spot for Verizon that combined green screen talent with miniature sets. He immediately felt at ease with the company's collaborative work ethic.

"Working on the Verizon job, there was a mutual respect for the stepping-stone nature of a shoot that involves live-action and a lot of post," he said. "There was also a mutual passion that helped take the project beyond the initial idea. Everybody was championing the same end result, which was to do something a little outside the norm. I love that type of collaborative approach."

Prior to joining Charlex, Dunn spent four years directing with Vince Haycock at the Chicago-based production company Vitamin Pictures where he helmed the dream-like animated romance Float for Microsoft Zune and 72andSunny, Los Angeles. Prior to that, he curated gallery shows and produced grassroots campaigns with Nike's Energy Marketing department in Portland and before that spent four years overseeing commercial projects as an associate creative director at Digital Kitchen, Chicago, alongside Haycock and Shilo founder Andre Stringer. He's worked with a variety of brands over the past decade, including McDonald's, Rotary, Budweiser, Audi, HBO and Nike.

"Ryan's roots were originally as a 'hands-on' talent so his design background gives him a good perspective on the entire process," said Charlex CEO/Executive Creative Director Alex Weil. "He's a very smart guy with a real understanding of the big picture. He can handle anything from live-action to stop-motion to CG. I'm really looking forward to working with him on the continuing creative expansion of our company."

About Charlex:Charlex is a New York-based creative studio specializing in visual effects, animation and design. Our motto is design and build. It's that simple. We've thrown fancy mission statements out the window and simply embrace versatility. We can take any idea - or even just a seed of an idea - and bring it to life with visual panache. Conceptualizing a campaign from start to finish? We can do that. Visual effects and animation assists? We can do that, too.

From Verizon and Clairol to M&Ms and Coca-Cola, our reputation is founded on a commitment to creating compelling imagery. Whether we're hopping on board at the beginning, middle or end of a project, we are experts at building a seamless portal from brand to consumer.

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