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Charlex Casts Casual George For US Mint

CHARLEX founder and creative director Alex Weil has created "Casual George," a 30-second spot to introduce the new "gold dollar" coin from the U.S. Mint. Charlex brings the stoic face of the first U.S. president off the dollar bill and places it on a lean young body. George gets jiggy with friends at a club, scuba dives with the fishes and drives a classic car along the freeway. "This project was about creating the character of George," said Weil. "We wanted to give him as much humanity as possible. When he reacts to the new one dollar coin, we wanted a reaction everybody can relate to. Even though George is such a stand-up guy and is promoting the new dollar coin, you can tell he's somewhat miffed about being upstaged. There's something very human about him, even though he's really just a flat image right off the US dollar bill." The commercial was produced for Bethesda, Maryland-based ad agency, The Dan Rosenthal Co. Bob Giraldi directed the project.

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