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CharacterShop Adds 3D Touch to Friends & Heroes

The CharacterShop is creating the 3D elements of 39-part TV series called FRIENDS & HEROES. The 2D and 3D animated series will feature three-minute 3D Bible stories within 2D cartoon style fictional adventure stories. The 2D portion of the project is being outsourced to South Korea. The BBC is set to air the series in the U.K. and The CharacterShop is close to a deal for the U.S.

FRIENDS & HEROES is a trilogy of animated adventure series for children, written by Brian Brown, originator and series exec producer of the ITV series THE STORY KEEPERS. Each of the three series is set at different times between AD 68 and 73. Each series follows the adventures of groups of Jewish and Christian children dodging the persecuting Roman authorities during the early days of Christianity.

The series will be produced by Friends & Heroes Ltd. in association with the BBC. The shows are being produced under the creative direction of supervising director, David Osborne and production designer, Alan Batson. Brown is also the series exec producer along with Michael Wakelin of BBC Religion and Ethics. Gary Kurtz is the supervising producer and Naomi Jones is line producer. Pete Waterman will produce original music at his studios in London. Rick Danenberg heads up the writing team in Los Angeles and Sid Iwanter will supervise voice talent and voice recording in Toronto. Post-production will be completed at BBC Studios, Wales, Cardiff.

The CharacterShop is an ex-BBC CG department, which went independent in the beginning of 2003. It specializes in character-based productions. For more information, visit

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