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Chaos Group Spotlights ILM Production Pipeline at FMX 2013

Chaos Group announces that they will demonstrate V-Ray, spotlight ILM’s production pipeline, and host a day of presentations and tutorials for 3D artists in training at FMX 2013.


Stuttgart, Germany -- Technology developer Chaos Group will demonstrate how V-Ray encourages artistry across every stage of a user’s career through a series of presentations that target the needs of VFX professionals and students at FMX 2013.

The presentation features Jeroen Schulte, Image Pipeline Lead at Industrial Light & Magic, who will give attendees an exclusive look at how the world-famous studio rendered shots on some of 2012’s biggest blockbusters with the help of V-Ray’s advanced ray tracing capabilities.

The presentations continue with a talk by Niklas Jacobson -- VFX supervisor and co-founder of Important Looking Pirates (ILP) -- which will pinpoint the specific V-Ray tools ILP used to create the CG creatures and environments found in the Oscar-nominated, Kon-Tiki. Animation fans can also expect a first-hand look at the new trailer for Portals - an animated short created by Studio Sokerov and Bulgarian artist, Viktor Mazhelkov.

In an effort to give artists of all levels a helping hand, Chaos Group will provide a free V-Ray master class entitled, “Setting up a V-Ray Lighting and Shading Pipeline.” In addition, April 24 has been dubbed “Student Day,” and will see the team hosting a day of presentations and tutorials that focus entirely on 3D artists in training.

Complete Presentation and Activity Schedule

  • “Setting up a V-Ray Lighting and Shading Pipeline,” byKonstantin Gaytandzhiev of Chaos Group – April 23, 2013,10:00-11:00 a.m. at Raum Karlsruhe
  • “Rendering Superpower: V-Ray in Production at ILM,” byJeroen Schulte of Industrial Light & Magic. Featured films include: The Avengers, Transformers: Dark of theMoon, and more. – April 23, 2013, 12:00-1:00 p.m. at Raum Karlsruhe
  • Kon-Tiki:Real-Life Graphics for Real-Life Heroes,” by Niklas Jacobson of ImportantLooking Pirates – April 25, 2013, 3:00-4:00 p.m. at Raum Mannheim
  • “Student Day” series of 30-minute tutorials on topicslike lighting, shading basics, render elements with V-Ray, etc. – April 24, 2013, allday at the Chaos Group FMX Marketplace booth
  • Portals trailer unveiling – every day at theChaos Group FMX Marketplace booth

Source: Chaos Group

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