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CG101 2nd Edition Announced

Eight years after the sold out first edition and follow-up special Japanese version, CG101: A COMPUTER GRAPHICS INDUSTRY REFERENCE has been completely revised and updated for 2007 by author Terrence Masson for release in February. An indispensable companion for producers, students and CG veterans alike, the 2nd edition of CG101 includes:

* New color photos* Up to date company histories* Hundreds of updated product entries and web links* New insider details and behind-the-scenes info

Read more about it or order your copy online at

Over the past 17 years, Masson has served the film and computer graphics community with inspiring production leadership, innovative creative techniques and technical problem solving. Major studio collaborations have included founding positions at The Trumbull Co. (1992), Digital Domain (1993) and Warner Bros. (1994), consulting to Sony Pictures Imageworks (1995) and DreamWorks (2003) and two tours at Industrial Light & Magic (1991 and 1996-2000). He also created the original CG animation and rendering techniques to launch the SOUTH PARK TV series (1996). As an independent vfx supervisor and senior technical director, he has contributed to more than 20 major film projects, including FANTASTIC FOUR, HOOK, TRUE LIES, the first STAR WARS trilogy SPECIAL EDITION and STAR WARS: EPISODE I -- PHANTOM MENACE. Last year, Masson served as SIGGRAPHs Computer Animation Festival chair