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CG Universe Announces Matte Painting Challenge

CG Universe announces the “Large vs. Small” digital matte painting challenge.

The CG Universe forum has announced its fifth digital matte painting challenge, Large vs. Small.

The task for contestants is to create a matte painting image that shows scale changes, whether it be distance variation -- that is, near the camera -- to things far away, or scale variation.

(Matte paintings from the feature film Avatar created by “Large vs. Small” judge Kent Matheson.)

The judges for the completion include an all-star cast of digital artists working on some of Hollywood’s  biggest blockbusters: Frederic St-Arnaud, David Burroughs Mattingly, Ronn Brown, Alp Altiner, Kent Matheson, Jaime Hernández Jasso, Lubos Gerardo Surzin, Jorik Dozy and Rich Mahon.

3D Total is sponsoring the contest with subscriptions to 2D Artist Magazine :

1st Place: 12-month subscription

2nd Place: 6-month subscription

3rd Place: 3-month subscription

The deadline for entries is October 31, 2012 (11:59 PM - Pacific Standard Time).

Source: CG Universe

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