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CG Academy Releases New MAXScript Fundamentals DVD

CG Academy has just released a second 3ds max training DVD in its MAXScript Fundamentals 2 series. Borislav Bobo Petrov continues his exploration of the wonderful world of MAXScript. In this DVD Petrov applies MAXScript to many real-world tasks where doing things by hand would be slow and laborious, bringing to bear the power of MAXScript on the masses of objects, lights and materials found in a typical 3dsmax scene.

This DVD has been designed as a continuation of the first MAXScript Fundamentals DVD (VARIABLES, MACROSCRIPTS & FUNCTIONS by Laszlo Sebo), however it can be used by existing MAXScript users. The DVD sells for $64.

The DVD is also included in a set with the first title, which sells for $130.

The CG Academy is the first dedicated training provider for high quality training materials for the 3dsmax user. For more information, visit

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