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Centraline Animation Expands into Merchandising, Publishing

Malaysia-based animation firm Centraline Animation Sdn Bhd has announced that it plans to expand into merchandising and publishing Q3 2007, reports BUSINESS TIMES. With an estimated revenue of RM6.8 million for 2007, the production house projects that 20% will come from merchandising. The products to be sold in Malaysia and China will include action figures, DVDs and apparel.

Centraline's animated productions include PANDA WARRIORS, FAMILY WHIZZ, SPIRIT OF SOUND, FORMULA X and CRIMSON SWORD QUEST. FAMILY WHIZZ was twice named Best Animation series by the Guangdong National Bureau of Broadcasting.

"China is an important market for us where we aim to be the number one animation house in the country within the next year," ceo Wang Pau Ling told the newspaper.

Centraline's programs air on 20 channels in China and Hong Kong while only Radio Television Malaysia airs two programs -- FAMILY WHIZZ and CRIMSON SWORD QUEST -- in Malaysia. The company is in negotiations to expand in its native country as well as Thailand, Indonesia and the Middle East.

Centraline is made up of the companies Toona Animation Group, Guangzhou Wong Tong Animation Products Ltd as a subsidiary in China, Intelture Technology Sdn Bhd and Beam Animation Sdn Bhd. It employs 150 animators, but expects to double that amount in two years.

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