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Cenega Publishing Gets UFO: Aftershock for PC

Prague, Czech Republic-based Cenega Publishing has signed a deal with Altar Interactive to publish the forthcoming PC-CD ROM title, UFO: AFTERSHOCK, due to release in Q3 2005.

The game is the sequel to the highly successful 2003 title, UFO: AFTERMATH, and follows directly from one of the endings of the first title, where the player agrees to hand over the Earth to the Alien scientists, who plan to change the planet into a giant living organism. The Council of Earth and their followers take refuge on an orbiting satellite prepared for them by the aliens, but not all the survivors of the original invasion where relocated. After several years, the refuges life support system begins to fail and players must discover what happened to the aliens on Earth and the humans who remained there.

UFO: AFTERSHOCK is a mixture of squad based tactical action and global strategy with the gamer controlling the actions of elite ground troops, and the running and construction of an intricate network of interlinking bases.

Cenega Publishing, s.r.o. was founded in April 2002 to search and support new projects within Europe. It develops, markets and distributes games in the United States, United Kingdom, France, Germany, Scandinavia, Austria, Switzerland, Italy, Spain, Benelux, South America, Portugal, Greece, Czech Republic, Hungary, Romania, Poland, Russia, the Balkan regions, Slovakia, Slovenia, Israel, UAE, South Africa, Asia and Australia. The company is a subsidiary of Cenega N.V., a holding company to the largest computer software distributor in the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Poland and Hungary. For further information, visit Altar Interactive is a game developing company, controlled by private investors, based in Brno, Czech Republic. The company is the developer of RTS games. For more information, visit

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