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Celador Int’l Developing Scary Monsters Pre-School Animated Comedy

Celador International is developing and will launch at MIPCOM Junior a brand new pre-school animated comedy, (NOT SO) SCARY MONSTERS. Targeted at kids 2-5, this new 39x7 series will be licensed and distributed globally by Celador Intl. The company is working in partnership with the brand creators, The Monster Factory, to license (NOT SO) SCARY MONSTERS consumer products and interactive media worldwide.

Conceived by The Monster Factory in 2002, the (NOT SO) SCARY MONSTERS are a colorful bunch of monstrously appealing new characters, featured in a collection of mini gift childrens books published by Hodder Childrens Books. Children find their blundering, burping antics hilarious, delighting in their mishaps and practical jokes. Some creatures are cute, some revel in being revolting but all of them are instantly (not so) scary.

The (NOT SO) SCARY MONSTERS are set in the farthest, most forgotten corner of the world, where wonderful creatures lollop and play under colorful skies, making all manner of monstrous fun. Some giant monsters rock happily in cave hammocks, letting out thunderous guffaws. Other tiny ones like to tiptoe up and roly-poly down the (not so) Scary Monster hills.

Malcolm is a birthday-loving big-hearted monster who fills his days choosing presents for his friends, family, even monsters he doesnt know. Benjamina is a cheeky monster who just loves mischief and to play practical jokes. Bobba is a bouncy monster. This fuzzy monster baby does daring monster dives, performing sky-high somersaults and mid-air roly-polies. Flora is a girlie monster who adores pink things, stripy tights and glitter, and having tea parties.

Egbert is a noisy monster who guffaws loudly at everything and anything. Wilf, a mixed-up muddly monster, cant help landing in the most peculiar pickles. Otto is a squidgy, tender-hearted love monster with a pink antenna that lights up whenever his heart tingles. Polly is a happy-go-lucky jolly monster, who loves laughing and skips around spreading (not so) Scary Monster sunshine.

Cathy Laughton, head of kids programming, Celador Intl said, The (NOT SO) SCARY MONSTERS are a bunch of quirky, curiously comical and cute creatures who are perfect for development into a television series. Celador Intl Kids are extremely excited about this project. The series will make children giggle. Our (not so) Scary Monsters are misfits finding their place in the world, and learning to form relationships outside the home.

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