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Cecropia Creates New Animation Studio In Orlando

Cecropia Inc., a Boston-based game developer, has formed a new animation production studio in Orlando, Florida, that will focus on creating the quality artwork and animation for the company's new interactive game. Cecropia has recruited industry veterans in the region including Walt Disney Feature Animation alumni.

"The artistic gift and capabilities of the people that have joined our team in Orlando is truly amazing, said Ann-Marie Bland, president/ceo of Cecropia. "The incredible work being done at Cecropia represents a unique collaboration between our feature animation film industry veterans in Orlando and our gaming veterans and engineers in Boston. The talent of our employees has enabled us to go beyond our initial design and create a game that far exceeds our original vision."

Cecropia is interviewing more candidates for key animation positions at the Orlando studio with plans to formally open its new office in September.

Cecropia was established in 2001 to make games combining interactive storytelling with innovative and accessible gameplay. Cecropia is developing an animated story in which players control the emotions and social interactions of the characters. Cecropia likes to combine traditional hand-drawn animation techniques, unique game design and easy-to-use controls to deliver a completely original videogame experience.

"Cecropia was founded with the goal of bringing together storytelling and videogaming in a way that has never been attempted," said Omar Khudari, founder/creative director of Cecropia. "Our team is bringing personality animation to life in an interactive story that allows players to participate in the actions and emotions of characters as they journey through an entertaining and meaningful storyline."

Cecropia is a development-stage entertainment company specializing in story-based videogames, staffed by feature animation film and videogame industry veterans, dedicated to making high quality games that anyone can play. Additional information about Cecropia can be found at

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