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CDIS to launch Visual Effects Digital Animation certificate program

One of the fastest growing areas of the booming entertainment technology industry is special effects, and with standards being raised daily by innovative uses in TV, film, and computer games the need for qualified effects artists increases. The Center for Digital Imaging and Sound (CDIS), a private technical arts college celebrating 20 years in operation in British Columbia, has jumped on the opportunity. With the purchase of four Discreet Logic Digital Edit and Studio Effect stations and an Avid/Softimage Digital Suite, CDIS has expanded its 22,000 sq ft campus in Burnaby to include high-end training in special effects.

This fall the college will launch its new certificate program, Visual Effects Digital Animation (VEDA), making CDIS the only school in western Canada offering a full-time curriculum in special effects. "It'll be a great compliment to our other animation programs which focus more on character design, and to our new Digital Film Program," says CDIS program director Niels Hartvig-Nielsen.

The VEDA program will focus on high-end animation and effects tools using the college's newly acquired technology. "Discreet Logic and Avid/Softimage have had a huge impact on Hollywood," notes Hartvig-Nielsen. "They're leaders in the field and a must for any special effects training."

For more information on special effects training, or other programs at CDIS,call the Counselling Department at (604) 298-5400.

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