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CCI Entertainment, Motionworks GmbH, and Nickelodeon Germany Team Up on Artzooka!

Press Release from CCI Entertainment

Toronto (October 4, 2009) CCI Entertainment, MotionWorks and Nickelodeon Germany have partnered up to produce the first local version of the live action / cgi blended series Artzooka! The local language episodes will feature Nils Bomhoff as the German host, who embodies all that is Artzooka! The property will also launch with a localized website and an extensive grassroots marketing campaign that will be executed across Germany.

The first version of the Artzooka! series was produced in English in association with the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation and is scheduled to launch in the Fall of 2010.

Artzooka! is an art series targeted at six to ten year olds. The show focuses on taking ordinary items and recycling them into extraordinary pieces of art. It provides children with the access to classic art skills while encouraging them to think outside the box and see that art has endless possibilities and can be made anywhere and from anything. The property features cutting edge digital elements and electronic art and includes animated characters that contribute to the shows upbeat, off-the-wall energy. All of the art projects are easily mastered, age appropriate and accessible to all children while at the same time being innovative and extraordinary. What will you Artzooka! today?

“We are excited about creating the first localized version of the series for Nickelodeon Germany” says Arnie Zipursky, Co-Chairman of CCI Entertainment. “The series was designed in a way that allows local versions to be easily produced using local talent and we are confident that this will be the first of many versions we create.”

"Artzooka! is a fun and inspiring art show with a very unique approach to handicraft. The show unites activation with entertainment and thus supplements our Nickelodeon portfolio perfectly," includes Oliver Schablitzki of Nickelodeon Germany.

“Artzooka! Worked straight away for us” says Romy Roolf, Executive Producer of MotionWorks. “The combination of creative and entertaining makes with the world of animation is very inspiring for the audience and Nickelodeon Germany liked it from the very beginning.”

A global branding and marketing strategy for Artzooka! has been shaped under the leadership of creative veterans David Snyder and Frank Fraser of LA based Brandissimo! Inc whose credits include the successful art series Art Attack as well as Big Foot Presents: Meteor and the Mighty Monster Trucks.