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CCI Entertainment Co-Produces Marfy Of Dreams

CCI Entertainment is pleased to announce that Musicartoon has completed the pilot Marfy Of Dreams developed with RAI TV.

Press Release from CCI Entertainment

TORONTO (October 26, 2009) CCI Entertainment is pleased to announce that Musicartoon has completed the pilot Marfy Of Dreams developed with RAI TV.

Musicartoon(Italy), CCI(Canada) and Agogo(Hong Kong) intend to enter into a co-production agreement in the future for a production of 26 half hour episodes. CCI will represent the series for television sales and licensing in the world market excluding Italy and Asia and will be presenting the pilot at Mipcom this week. MARFY OF DREAMS, is a new children’s series about 8 year old Marfy and his quest to rid children of nightmares. The 2D animated series is targeted at kids 6 – 10.

Marfy is a child of normal appearance but possesses a special gift: he is able to enter other children’s dreams and render them more pleasant by forcing the monsters that haunt them to leave.

CCI Entertainment Ltd. (Cambium Catalyst International)

CCI’s children’s library includes such shows as, Harry and His Bucket Full of Dinosaurs, Frankenstein’s Cat, Monster By Mistake, and classics such as Sharon, Lois & Bram's Elephant Show and Shining Time Station. CCI Entertainment continues to be an industry leader by developing and distributing content that entertains, engages and fuels imaginations.

CCI Entertainment is one of Canada's leading independent production, distribution and licensing companies with a successful track record spanning twenty five years. CCI has been particularly recognized in the area of family television, lifestyle programming, documentaries and movies having been responsible for thousands of hours of award-winning entertainment for the world market.


Musicartoon since 1994 is a pluri-awarded, Italian, audiovisual production company specialized in animation. 

The company has collaborated with the main National and International media companies on advertising, interactive games, television series and feature films.

Musicartoon has always combined creativity and innovation with accuracy in order to realize high quality products that entertains and educates the young audience: for  this reason it is involved in many different popular animated series in Italy, broadcasted on Rai as “Antonio e la banda dei Giardinetti “ and “Gibì & W”.

MC’s greatest success is the TV series co-produced with RAI “The adventure of Hocus and Lotus 1,2,3” for 3 seasons on TV, with 52 episodes released and sold in over 12 different countries around the world.

Musicartoon is always very innovative and develops new projects as “Gagà: the Astronaut Professor”, which has been selected at Cartoon Forum 2009, gaining a remarkable success.

In 2009 Musicartoon has received the “Pulcinella award” as the Best Italian Animation Studio at the last “Cartoons on the Bay” Festival and it is also the creator of  “Marfy of dreams” which has received the Media financing for the development.


Agogo Entertainment as a leading Asian independent production and distribution company with excellent record in co production with Europe and North America is exciting to enter into such beautiful project and intend to co-produce, looking forward with full confident to deliver in time with this high quality episodes to the world demanding content market.