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CBS Enhanced by Action-Packed Sushi, Quirky Dino

Two new series from DIC Ent. are coming to CBS' Saturday morning children's block KEWLopolis, beginning Saturday, Nov. 3. DINO SQUAD (13x30) and SUSHI PACK (26x11), the latter a co-production of American Greetings Properties and DIC, are both targeted towards girls and boys ages 9-11.

DINO SQUAD features five quirky teens who suddenly gain the power to transform into dinosaurs. Their science teacher, the mysterious Ms. Moynihan, guides them as they learn to work together and use their unique abilities to protect Earth from an anthropomorphic Velociraptor who is creating mutant-saurs and accelerating global warming in his quest to bring back the Age of the Dinosaurs. In addition to featuring action and adventure, the series provides pro-social messaging on various topics and features environmental information woven into the storylines. An interactive FCC-compliant website, -- featuring customized dino avatars, multi-player games, show information and environmental/educational content -- will launch in conjunction with the series. SUSHI PACK follows five crime-fighting pieces of sushi that protect Wharf City from over-the-top diabolical villains. The television treatment was written by Emmy Award-winning writers/producers Tom Ruegger and Nicholas Hollander (ANIMANIACS, TINY TOON ADVENTURES, PINKY AND THE BRAIN). British-born Rick Adams, otherwise known as DJ Rick, and best known for his hosting positions on CBS' DANCE REVOLUTION and, voices the character Tako. Each SUSHI PACK episode includes an educational or pro-social message, including building teamwork, cooperation, conflict resolution and good nutrition, among others.

SUSHI PACK and DINO SQUAD join a lineup of children's educational and informational programming on KEWLopolis that includes CARE BEARS: ADVENTURES IN CARE-A-LOT and STRAWBERRY SHORTCAKE from American Greetings Properties, and CAKE and HORSELAND from DIC Ent.