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Cavin Cooper Prods. Kicks Into Kids Soccer Champ Series

Barcelona-based Cavin Cooper Prods. has begun the production on an animated series, CHILDREN'S CHAMPIONS, which reflects on the childhood and adolescence of 13 world soccer superstars who have become the big name players with scores of fans all over the world.

"This will be the first time a cartoon universalizes soccer by presenting the most unheard of childhood story and adventures, the most human and intimate charm of the most important players, along with the incessant sacrifice to reach their starring and universal success next to the people who have always offered them their support and remained by their side," said Juan Homedes, marketing manger, Cavin Cooper Prods. (

The series plans to celebrate youngsters who, not having reached the same objective, still become professionals in other arenas.

This series was produced in collaboration with one of the most relevant clubs the world over, the members of which manage the contracting of the image rights of the thirteen selected players.

CHILDREN'S CHAMPIONS will be ready for broadcast the beginning of next year.