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Cats & Dogs Drops to 3rd, Final Fantasy Falters

Last weeks #1, Warner Bros.' CATS & DOGS falls to third behind the debut of live-action flicks LEGALLY BLONDE and THE SCORE. CATS & DOGS nipped another US$12 million. The puppy-powered pic, with primary visual effects by Tippett Studios and Rhythm & Hues, has licked up approximately $48 million in two weeks. The much-hyped FINAL FANTASY: SPIRITS WITHIN faltered in its debut, only taking in $11.5 at #4. Produced by Sony and Square Co. Ltd, the film has been widely hailed as a giant leap forward in computer animation, but it will need more hype to make its estimated $140 million price tag back. Dropping from second to fifth, SCARY MOVIE 2 scored another $9.5 million. The raunchy romp, with primary visual effects by Artist's Asylum, has scared up $44 million to date. Fox's DR. DOLITTLE 2 only slipped a spot to finish in seventh, grossing $7 million. The animal antics, with primary visual effects by Rhythm & Hues, have drummed up $79 million so far. Plummeting from third to ninth, A.I.: ARTIFICAL INTELLIGENCE picked up another $5.1 million. The Spielberg artistic adventure, with primary visual effects by ILM, has taken home $65 million thus far. Rounding out the top ten, LARA CROFT: TOMB RAIDER found its way to an additional $4 million. The high-octane popcorn picture, with primary visual effects by Digital Domain and Mill Film, has captured $120 million to date. Box office data was obtained on

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