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Catch Nexus Productions Animated Open If You Can

A highlight of the holiday hit film CATCH MEIF YOU CAN, which opened in theaters nationwide on December 25, 2002, is the distinctive opening credits created byLondon's Nexus Productions. Nexus was called upon by DreamWorks tocreate an opening sequence for the film, which stars LeonardoDiCaprio and Tom Hanks and is directed by Steven Spielberg. In CATCHME IF YOU CAN, DiCaprio plays Frank Abagnale, Jr., who at the age of17 became the most successful bank robber in the history of theUnited States and the youngest man ever on the FBI's Most WantedList. Federal agent Carl Hanratty (Hanks), who makes it his missionto capture the thief, pursues Frank, who is always one step ahead.Set to music by composer John Williams, the three-minute openingsequence was designed as a cat and mouse chase mirroring the DiCaprioand Hanks roles. Animators Florence Deygas and Olivier Kuntzel'sutilized the distinctive style of the '60s and early '70s for thesequence, using stamp animation for all the characters. France's directing duo Deygas andKuntzel's work includes animated films such as "Stylish Girl" and"Sacre Francais;" the Yves Saint Laurentcampaign; the Bourgeois campaign; and art exhibitions for the Winneyart project. Owned and operated by producers Chris O'Reilly andCharlotte Bavasso, Nexus Productions makes animation for television,commercials, music videos and film. Recent animation work includesU2's Pop Mart world tour and the animated comedy sketch show MONKEYDUST.