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Catapult Animation Studio Launches in Malaysia

Catapult Animation Studio has opened in Malaysia, looking to execute projects on a "work for hire" basis. Capabilities include 3D animation, modeling, background and set designing, as well as 2D and Flash-based projects.

Catapult also can provide full optical motion-capture services with a 16-camera setup operating in its sister studio. "We look forward gaming, animation and filming companies to look ASEAN region as their point for cost effective execution," according to Kavitha Jaganathan, one of the heads at Catapultas, which oversees the new animation studio.

He said the studio is also developing various multimedia and new media projects, plus e-portals and e-learning solutions for various university and education ministries.

Catapultas is a consulting house formed by industry professionals with a cumulative 150 years experience particularly in various domains and technologies. Catapultas industry segments cover filming, animation, knowledge content, technical publishing, interactive multimedia and human resource consulting.

Catapult aims to become one of the leading animation & multimedia studios in Malyasia for designing, developing and delivering various content and solutions for film, TV serials, commercials, corporate and other business entities. For more information, please visit