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Casper Goes Multipath With Brilliant Digital

The Harvey Entertainment Company and Brilliant Digital have come to an agreement to produce new "3Dmovies" that will incorporate Harvey-owned characters. The first project for Brilliant will be 13 Webisodes starring Casper the Friendly Ghost. Brilliant Digital Entertainment produces 3D Web series based on characters that include SUPERMAN, XENA, KISS, POPEYE and ACE VENTURA. "With the increasing demand for 3D entertainment on the Web, the Harvey properties lend themselves naturally to the Multipath Movie format that serves our growing audience segments," said Kevin Bermeister, president of Brilliant Digital Entertainment. "Our productions with Harvey will entertain our existing MPM viewers, as well as help to open the format to a new audience of viewers looking for alternate forms of entertainment on the Web." Dan March, director of Internet development for Harvey Entertainment, said, "We believe that Brilliant has developed an effective and entertaining way to deliver content over the Internet on a regular basis through its proprietary technology. We are always looking for ways to enhance the enjoyment of our characters through new mediums, and Brilliant's Multipath Movie format will allow us to reach the emerging audience that wants to see characters like Casper, being entertained on the Internet. Brilliant's distribution network will also assist us in syndicating these Webisodes to ensure Casper reaches the largest audience possible." Each Multipath Movie requires the download of Brilliant Digital's Digital Projector player. Sorry Mac users! Multipath technology is only compatible with PCs currently.

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