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Cartoons from Cubic

Cubic Enterprises introduces two new children's programs - KoKo, The Pink Rabbit and Koni and the Starjammers. KoKo, two 45-minute clay animated specials follows KoKo and friends as they discover the value of friendship and the simple treasure of life. Koni is a 2D cel sci-fi action/adventure animated series starring Koni, Yena, Icon and Kobot as they bravely battle to retrieve the Hadron Batteries and ultimately, save the Earth in thirteen half-hour episodes. In addition, pre-sales for True Heart will also take place - a 40-minute 35mm clay animated featurette about Malcolm, a young turtle who breaks out of his shell and goes on a journey to save the King of the Under-Water world, learning along the way the meaning of having a 'true heart.'