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Cartoon Producers Vie For Chinese Cell Phone Animation Market

International animation producers are tying to gain a foothold in the world's largest cell phone market reports CHINAVIEW.COM.

"One exciting venue which holds great potential for animation in China and around the world is the cell phone," said Sander K. Johnson, president of International Television for Asia (ITA), during the Fourth China Cartoon Industry Forum, being held in Changsha, capital of central China's Hunan Province.

ITA signed an agreement with the Beijing China Cartoon Media Group Co. Ltd. (BCCM) to deliver cartoons, games, screensavers and other content to China Mobile earlier this year.

American cartoon classics like SUPERMAN, BETTY BOOP, CASPER THE FRIENDLY GHOST and FELIX THE CAT will be available on China's cell phone screens, according to Johnson.

In September 2005, China had 377 million mobile phone subscribers, or an average of 29 mobile phones per 100 people, and the number continues to grow.

"There is a huge audience for games and animated messaging, Johnson said. We see it as the next great wave of entertainment driven demand in China."

China Mobile will launch a cell phone cartoon contest in December to motivate the country's cartoon industry.