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Cartoon Noir short compilation set to screen

* Cartoon Noir Screening. New York, New York, USA. December 3, 1999.

This feature-length compilation of animated short films features works from the American and European artists. Featured in CARTOONNOIR is: APE, Julie Zammarchi's darkly comic critique of monogamy, meateating, and the daily pattern of human brutality; ALTAIR, Lewis Klahr'scollagist elegy on New York nightlife; CLUB OF THE DISCARDED, Jiri Barta'stale of a family of discarded mannequins who enjoy a quiet life in anabandoned warehouse until a group of hipster mannequins move in and spoilthe neighborhood; GENTLE SPIRIT, Piotr Dumala's Dostoyevsky-inspired storyof the psychological landscape between a young lady and an ominous malefigure; JOY STREET, Suzan Pitt's story of a woman who journeys fromsuicidal despair to personal renewal with the help of an unlikely spiritguide; and THE STORY OF THE CAT AND THE MOON, Pedro Serrazina'smini-classic of the fatalistically unrequited love as a cat ceaselesslyseeks the moon. The film will play December 3 at Cinema Village and willbefollowed by a national release in most major markets.

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