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Cartoon Network's Mag Masters Poland

Cartoon Network, featured on Poland's Wizja TV, is the #1 rated channel on

the programming package and now Cartoon Network Magazine rules the

newsstand. The first issue sold over 500,000 copies making it the top

magazine in Poland. In just three days, the magazine sold out and

publishers ordered an immediate reprint. The Polish version of the mag with

comic strips, quizzes, posters and articles featuring Cartoon Net's legion

of toon heroes and heroines is based off the British version and is the

sister publication to Looney Toons magazine "OK," which is also a big

seller in Poland. Warner Bros. Consumer Products, who launched the U.S.

version of Cartoon Network's mag, publish the Polish version via an

agreement with Poland-based Amercom Publishers. The Polish publishing

company has brought in local artists to give the 'zine an Eastern European

feel and will soon bring the mag to fans weekly. There are plans in the

works to launch Hungarian, Czech and Slovak versions of the toon 'zine in

the not-so-distant future.

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