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Cartoon Network Unleashes Feature-Length Animated Movie for Ben 10

Cartoon Network Studios' original animated movie, BEN 10: SECRET OF THE OMNITRIX, premieres at 7:00 pm on Aug. 10, 2007. Leading up to the premiere, Cartoon Network is showcasing four original movies: GOOD WILT HUNTING, WHERE'S LAZLO, THE BIG FIELD TRIP and BILLY AND MANDY WRATH OF THE SPIDER QUEEN, Aug. 6-9. Each night the movie will be followed by a sneak peek of the never-before-seen BEN 10 animated movie, BEN 10: SECRET OF THE OMNITRIX.

When the Omnitrix unexpectedly transforms into self-destruct mode and seeks to destroy Ben and everything in sight, Ben must race across the galaxy to locate the Omnitrix's creator. The Omnitrix sends out a signal that reaches the Diamondhead alien, Tetrax. Tetrax comes to Earth to help Ben find the watch's creator, Azmuth, so they can stop the Omnitrix from self-destructing. Ben must fight off Vilgax and his robotic drones, as well as deal with his cousin, Gwen, who secretly stowed aboard the spaceship.

The BEN 10 series launched in January 2006, following the exciting adventures of 10-year-old Ben Tennyson, who discovers a strange alien device resembling a wristwatch called the Omnitrix inside a crashed meteorite. Once "the watch" permanently locks itself on his wrist, Ben discovers that he can transform into 10 different fantastic alien beings, each with unique powers and abilities -- but only for 10 minutes at a time while he retains his 10-year-old mind and personality. Fortunately for Ben, his grandfather, Max, and cousin, Gwen, are there to keep him in check and bail him out of trouble when he needs it.

BEN 10 was created by Man of Action (Joe Casey, Joe Kelly, Duncan Rouleau, Steve Seagle), and is exec produced by Sam Register.

BEN 10: SECRET OF THE OMNITRIX was written by Thomas Pugsley and Greg Klein, plus directed by Sebastian O. Montes III and Scooter Tidwell.

Donna Smith was producer of the movie with Alex Soto as supervising producer. Nollan Obena was art director and background design supervisor, while Thomas Perkins served as character design supervisor.

The overseas production facility is Sunmin Image Pictures Co. Ltd., while Renegade Animation did the main title design.