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Cartoon Network supports college club

Gary Albright, vice president of creative services and off air promotionsfor Atlanta, Georgia-based Cartoon Network, has awarded The ClassicalAnimation Society of the Savannah College of Art and Design (SCAD) a $500grant on behalf of Cartoon Network. The society will use the money to helpfund its activitites such as last February's MULAN Event which included ascreening of Disney's MULAN, clips of various stages of animated scenes,and a workshop in layout design by Disney artist Bill Hodman. The ClassicalAnimation Society is a student organization founded to unite the animationstudents at SCAD. To date, the Society has received support fromASIFA-Hollywood, ASIFA-East, Animation World Network, Animation WorldMagazine, Disney artists, DreamWorks SKG, Warner Bros., Primal Screen inAtlanta, and the local Radio Disney radio station in Savannah, GA. Membersof the Society are working on 2KJ, an independent animated film by LarryLauria. A Classical Animation Society website is being planned and will behosted by Animation World Network.

SCAD President Matt Shumway and Vice President Lamont Wayne have writtenreviews for Animation World Magazine. Their reviews of FUTURAMA and CartoonNetwork's ED, EDD N EDDY, respectively, can be found at:



A Flash animation by Larry Lauria is featured in the August 1999 issue of Animation World Magazine.