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Cartoon Network Premieres Hollyrock-A-Bye Bab/Flintstone Mother's Day Tribute

To celebrate Mother's Day on Sunday, May 11, 2003, Cartoon Network gives birth to a seven-hour tribute to that modern Stone Age matriarch, Wilma Flintstone. During the Mother's Day Wilma-Thon, which airs from 12:00-7:00 pm (ET/PT), viewers will see Wilma Flintstone through the years as she and Fred first court, during her pregnancy, as a new mother and, finally, as she becomes a grandmother. The marathon kicks off with five hours of Wilma-centric escapades from THE FLINTSTONES animated series and concludes with the Cartoon Network premiere of the two-hour animated feature HOLLYROCK-A-BYE BABY.

Following are the programming details for Cartoon Network's Mother's Day Wilma-Thon: 12:00 pm: "Bachelor Daze"- In a flashback, Wilma and Betty, waitresses at a fancy Bedrock hotel, first meet their future husbands, Fred and Barney.12:30 pm: "The Happy Household"- Money is tight at home, so Wilma decides to get a job. She becomes a star when she lands a gig on a TV show.1:00 pm: "Fred Flintstone Woos Again"- When the Flintstones find out that the official who married them was never licensed, Wilma takes the opportunity to make Fred court her all over again.1:30 pm: "The Surprise"- Fred finds out that there will be a new addition to the Flintstone family.2:00 pm: "Mother-in-Law's Visit"- In anticipation of becoming a father, Fred promises to be more kind, considerate and thoughtful. But when his mother-in-law arrives, Fred is pushed to the limit.2:30 pm: "Fred's New Job"- With a baby on the way, Wilma encourages Fred to ask for a raise. His tightwad boss Mr. Slate decides to make it hard on Fred as an example to anyone else asking for more money.3:00 pm "The Dress Rehearsal"- Fred is so nervous about Wilma's impending delivery that he decides to stage a dress rehearsal. All is going well until the practice run turns into the real thing.3:30 pm: "Carry On Nurse Fred"- Wilma and Fred are settling into their new roles as parents, but the nurse Wilma's mother hired is not making things easier for the Flintstones. 4:00 pm: "Ventriloquist Barney"- Barney learns how to throw his voice and decides to play a prank on Fred and Wilma. He convinces them that newborn Pebbles can speak.4:30 pm: "Pebbles' Birthday Party"- Wilma asks for Fred's help in arranging Pebbles' first birthday party. It turns out he's also setting up a bash at his lodge. Wackiness ensues when the clown shows up at the Water Buffalo Lodge and Pebbles is visited by wild dancing girls.5:00 pm: HOLLYROCK-A-BYE-BABY- Pebbles and Bamm-Bamm are now married and move to Hollyrock to try to break into the movie business. It turns out the two have been working on a double feature twins. Fred, Wilma, Barney and Betty head out west to visit their kids. While helping his son-in-law sell his script, Fred gets tangled with a glamorous movie actress and some shady jewel thieves in this two-hour animated feature, which first aired in 1993 and was directed by William Hanna.