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Cartoon Network Makes A Classic Cartoon Sea-Worthy

Continuing its successful revival of classic cartoons, Cartoon Network will present the new weekly series IM POPEYE. Each half-hour episode, airing Sundays at 1:00 am, will include three Popeye cartoons that have been restored to their original theatrical state. Many of these cartoons have never been shown on television in their original form. The cartoons presented as part of I'M POPEYE will be culled from hundreds of color and black and white theatrical shorts from Fleischer Studios and Famous Studios, ranging from 1933's first Popeye cartoon POPEYE THE SAILOR through 1957's SPOOKY SWABS. In addition, the show will also present facts and trivia about the spinach-eating sailor and his supporting cast, including Olive Oyl, Bluto and Wimpy. I'M POPEYE will navigate Popeye's rich history, including his origins in E.C. Segar's Thimble Theatre comic strip, and examine the personalities behind the scenes, such as Jack Mercer (the voice of Popeye) and Max and Dave Fleischer, who made the mumbling mariner a star. I'M POPEYE is the latest Cartoon Network series that takes an in-depth look at classic animation. Series such as THE TEX AVERY SHOW, THE BOB CLAMPETT SHOW and THE CHUCK JONES SHOW offer retrospectives on the works of some of animation's masters. Cartoon Network's TOONHEADS, which tackles subjects like the evolution of Elmer Fudd and wartime cartoons, has received critical acclaim. I'M POPEYE debuts on Cartoon Network October 28, 2001.