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Cartoon Network On-line Gains Curious Web Shorts

Curious Pictures has signed a deal with Cartoon Network On-line for nine original Web toons. The nine shows are being created and directed by Curious directors and artists Denis Morella, Nick Hewitt, Mike Bade, Damon Ciarelli, Molly Schwartz, Sam Crees and Patricia Ross. Four of the Web Premiere Toons are being created in Curious' New York City flagship studio, while five others are being developed out of the company's San Francisco SoMa office. UNCLE SQUIRLY will follow the crazy antics of a wacky children's television show. VRUNK is a story about an unusual instrument played by an Eastern European woman. MR. RHOMBUS IN WABBLETOWN is about a square little man who, unfortunately, lives in a very round world. PAINTED KID chronicles the story of a hip-hop graffiti mural that comes to life. HERMANN AND VERMIN follows a rat and a squirrel who are best friends. BREAD AND BUTTER highlights the adventures of a very unlikely super hero duo. THE PIXIE PUNKS flies with rough and tough do-good fairies. "Curious Pictures is one of the top animation and entertainment companies in the industry," said Sam Register, vice president/creative director, Cartoon Network On-line. "We are pleased to work with Curious again because of their strong production capabilities and creative know how." Richard Winkler, executive producer, Curious Pictures, said, "We have an 'open architecture' creative environment. Good ideas come from anyone and for opportunities like this we solicit ideas from everyone within the company including directors, freelancers and graphic artists. Our approach to opportunities like these is always, 'May the best idea win! The result from this fertile hotbed of ideas are some original and fun new content that reflects a range of animation styles." In addition, Curious Pictures is currently producing SHEEP IN THE BIG CITY, a Cartoon Network series that premieres with 13 half-hour episodes in fall 2000.

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