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Cartoon Network Announces Five New Shows, 400 Half-hours at 2005 Kids Upfront

Cartoon Network will air five new animated series, new episodes of returning original series and new acquisitions, adding up to more than 400 new half-hours in 2005, it was announced Feb. 16, at Cartoon Networks Upfront presentation to advertising executives and the media in New York City. The new series are TICKLE U, KRYPTO THE SUPERDOG, THE LIFE AND TIMES OF JUNIPER LEEM, CAMP LAZLO, IGPX and MY GYM PARTNER IS A MONKEY.

We had success in 2004 with an emphasis on providing hundreds of hours of new programming and establishing new hit series, which, in conjunction with our dayparting strategy and a new on-air look, resulted in our best year ever with boys 6-11, kids and boys 2-11 and tweens, said Jim Samples, evp/gm, Cartoon Network. In 2005, we will increase the new programming on our air with five Cartoon Network series, new acquisitions, an original programming block for our youngest viewers and a pro-social campaign to increase kids physical activity. Im confident that, with our exciting new programming, we will continue to grow in 2005.

On Feb. 21, Cartoon Network launched a national healthy lifestyles initiative targeted to kids 6-14 called, GET ANIMATED, a comprehensive on-air, online, print and off-channel campaign. The networks roster of original cartoon characters and a distinctive 3D on-air environment are employed to communicate positive lifestyle messages through multiple PSAs to air in Cartoon Networks morning, afternoon and primetime dayparts.

CN is also developing the untitled ANDRÉ 3000 BENJAMIN primetime series. Created by André 3000 and Tommy Lynch, the half-hour comedy has a uniquely Southern sensibility. The central character takes on near-mythical status as he returns to his hometown of Atlanta and gets caught up by a diverse collection of kid outcasts who swirl in and out of his life, layered with great music. The series is produced by the Tom Lynch Co., André Benjamins production company, Moxie Turtle and Cartoon Network.

TICKLE U, will focus on developing, nurturing and valuing a childs sense of humor, packaged within a distinctive, cohesive on-air environment with a live host. Aimed at kids 2-5, Tickle U will start airing weekdays in August from 9-11:00 am with fun, funny and fearless animated programming presented by its host, Marty, an adult with a kids unlimited imagination and big heart. TICKLE U will be set in Martys cool, bright and slightly askew workshop where he can build and fix anything. Marty will engage kids with comedic skits and activities that will let kids be kids while developing a sense of humor and self-esteem.

KRYPTO THE SUPERDOG premiering weekdays, beginning April 4, at 9:00 am chronicles the comedic canine adventures of Metropolis day-saving super dog from the planet Krypton. Krypto jettisons to Earth after orbiting countless years in space as a test-pilot puppy aboard a malfunctioning rocket ship built by Supermans father. The fully-grown Krypto swiftly seeks out companionship on Earth and finds it with Kevin Whitney, a young boy who also longs for friendship. Endowed with an amazing array of superhero powers, ranging from heat vision to super strength to flying, Krypto partners with Kevin to fight threats to the safety and well being of the people and animals of Metropolis.

From Judd Winick, comicbook auteur and former THE REAL WORLD: SAN FRANCISCO cast member, comes THE LIFE AND TIMES OF JUNIPER LEEM is packed with an array of characters from both the real and fantastical world. It premieres June 5 on Cartoon Network. Juniper Lee has afterschool activities and hobbies like any other 11-year-old, but on top of yearbook staff and guitar lessons, Juniper is responsible for maintaining the equilibrium between the world of magic and humanity because she is the Te-zuan-ze, the Protector. For generations, a member of her family has had both the honor and burden of keeping the balance between the real and magical world. Juniper has the strength of 10 people and is highly skilled in magic, so a little monster butt-kicking is no match for her.

CAMP LAZLO, a new 30-minute series from Joe Murray (ROCKOS MODERN LIFE) is scheduled to debut in July during Fridays, Cartoon Networks signature weekend franchise. Lazlo is a monkey who wreaks good-natured havoc on his highly-structured summer home, Camp Kidney. It has everything a camper could want: rustic cabins named after all the famous beans (like soy, garbanzo, jumping and cocoa); a beac for aquatic fun; a campfire pit; a loudspeaker for blasting music to all the campers and a mess hall. An uptight moose, Scoutmaster Lumpus, runs the whole thing. Lazlo has wacky camp shenanigans and a budding, confusing relationship with a very cute mongoose named Patsy Smiles.

IGPX (The Immortal Grand Prix) is set to debut in November as it takes viewers inside the world of the Immortal Grand Prix with a team on its way to the championship race. Cartoon Network partnered with Production I.G., the famed Japanese animation studio responsible for GHOST IN THE SHELL and animation sequences in KILL BILL. The year is 2048 and the IGPX has become the worlds most-popular sport. An entire city was built for the racing industry with competitions that are held on a huge, 60-mile track called The Big Eye. Two teams of three robots, each with a human pilot, race at speeds greater than 350 mph. The untested rookies of Team Satomi must overcome impossible odds and beat the worlds most skilled pilots (and ruthless opponents) in the planet's biggest event.

Going to school almost literally becomes a trip to the jungle in MY GYM PARTNER IS A MONKEY. Through an administrative mix-up (a typo changing Lyon to Lion), 12-year-old Adam Lyon becomes the only human student at Charles Darwin Middle School, amidst animal inhabitants of the local zoo and aquarium. With signs that warn, Do Not Eat the Other Students, Adam has his hands full just making it through school alive. Adam befriends Jake Spider Monkey and is quick to discover that having a monkey as a best buddy is as crazy as it is fun. The half-hour series, from creators Julie McNally Cahill and Tim Cahill, debuts in early 2006.

Cartoon Network also ordered new episodes of returning series, including five new STAR WARS: CLONE WARS, second seasons of FOSTERS HOME FOR IMAGINARY FRIENDS and HI HI PUFFY AMIYUMI, 26 more episodes of TOTALLY SPIES, DUEL MASTERS, D.I.C.E. and ATOMIC BETTY; a sixth season of CODENAME: KIDS NEXT DOOR; a fifth installment for THE GRIM ADVENTURES OF BILLY & MANDY; 13 more of TEEN TITANS, DUCK DODGERS and JUSTICE LEAGUE UNLIMITED; another 16 of DRAGONBALL GT and another holiday special for Halloween, ED, EDD N EDDYS BOO HAW HAW. The ED, EDD N EDDY series has been given the greenlight to 78 episodes.

Acquisitions are 26 additional episodes of CODE LYOKO, 52 of the new series ZATCH BELL, as well as ONE PIECE, NARUTO and BOBOBO-BO BO-BOBO.

Launched in 1992, Cartoon Network (, currently seen in 87.3 million U.S. homes and 160 countries around the world, is Turner Broadcasting System Inc.s ad-supported cable service offering 24/7 animated entertainment.