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Cartoon Network Acquires League of Super Evil

Press Release from Cartoon Network

HONG KONG (May 18, 2009) -- Taking another step forward in its quest for global domination, the LEAGUE OF SUPER EVIL, a.k.a. L.O.S.E., will now air across Asia, thanks to a far-reaching deal with Cartoon Network.

"We can't L.O.S.E. with the acquisition of League of Super Evil," stated Mark Eyers, Vice President, Content, Turner Entertainment Networks Asia Inc. "In our continuing efforts to bring our viewers the best animated entertainment available, we are constantly on the look out for smart and witty cartoons that will really hit the mark with our audience... even if the lead characters are heroically-challenged at times! The addition of the League of Super Evil to our line up will serve to reinforce our leadership position in Asia Pacific."

"There's nothing terribly super about the super villains who make up L.O.S.E. They're often more concerned with showing up the neighbourhood kids than actual world domination," says Nerd Corps CEO and creative head Asaph Fipke. "Plus, they are really, really bad at it. But they always manage to find a small, delusional victory where everyone else would see a defeat, and that's where the fun comes in."

"Being able to cover off all rights in so many different countries with one fantastic partner is a huge advantage in this market," says Nerd Corps President Ken Faier. "And Cartoon Network is the perfect home for a show like L.O.S.E. They understand how to use comedy and how to make it work perfectly for their demo."

Produced by the evil masterminds at Nerd Corps Entertainment, this hilarious comedy series follows a team of bumbling super villains in their ongoing quest for total neighbourhood domination. The series will launch next year on Cartoon Network in more than 25 countries, including India, Pakistan, Australia, New Zealand, Korea, China and several others in South East Asia. The net will handle all rights, including merchandising, for the 26 x half hours, which will be aired as two consecutive 11-minute segments. Additionally, Nerd Corps has created 30-second shorts tied to each episode for use as bonus on-air or online content of evil.

Collaborating on The League's plan for complete world domination is Cartoon Network in the U.S. and YTV in Canada, which both launched the series in March, as well as the BBC's children's channel in the U.K., CBBC, Jetix in Latin America and Canal +, Canal J and Gulli in France.